Automated Employee Rescheduling

Our automated shift refill solution works alongside any scheduling software to quickly and efficiently help you find last-minute replacement workers in seconds.

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Refill a shift in seconds!

You'll tell us the role and the time, and you're done! We'll automatically contact your employees and find someone ready to replace your sick worker.

Refill In Seconds Illustration

Get started immediately.

No technology requirements, no waiting for approvals. We can quickly communicate with your frontline workers in seconds.

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No checking back in.

Our refill process is pain free and without stress. We'll send you a text confirming the employee who has accepted the shift.

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Safe, secure, and free.

Your employee's information is encrypted and all communication happens over SMS on their confirmed mobile device. In response to COVID-19 Rocket Refill is currently free - no credit card required!

How It Works


Sign Up

When you sign up, you tell us what roles you’d like us to help with finding a replacement when needed. We’ll ask you for the names and phone numbers for each person that fulfills those roles.


Call Offs

When one of your employees calls off for a shift they were scheduled to work, simply send us a text message letting us know who called off and what day and time they were scheduled to work.



Our system will then go to work sending text messages to each of your employees asking if they can fill in for that shift. We’ll send a text to a new employee every ten minutes until one of your employees accepts the shift. Once that happens, we let you know who will be filling in so that you can make the necessary changes to your existing schedule. You can keep the scheduling system you’re already using.


You're finished!

Rocket Refill seamlessly integrates with your existing process by being your texting clone to find you a replacement fast.

About Us

Moonrise is a staffing technology platform providing solutions for companies to connect with reliable hourly workers. We are fully owned and supported by American Family Insurance.

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